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Her Last Bounce: Weekend Write In

Write On is a great community of writers and readers where we can offer each other feedback to make good stories great. One of my favorite things about this new site by Kindle are the prompts they offer up every weekend called “Weekend Write-In.”

I sometimes get great ideas from the prompts that lead me into more possibilities than I imagined.

Every week, the Write On team challenges us to create a brief story from a given prompt. One week our challenge was themed “Bounce”: In 500 words, pen a tale where an unexpected bounce changes everything.

Check out my entry…

Her Last Bounce

Written for the Weekend Write-In prompt themed “Bounce”: http://amzn.to/1JhW8Cr

Her Last Bounce by Jennie S. Brantley

She imagined another universe in that reflection. One where she wasn’t sick. One where she could have the everyday things she dreamed of. But that world doesn’t exist…Her kind of cancer isn’t something that is made better, the worst is just longer lived…She didn’t think she was going to be able to bounce back from this one.

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