LG Chocolate Slide

Reminisce about something old.

Day 18
At home, find a keepsake box or rummage through a “junk drawer” and find something that has sentimental meaning to you, write about it. What or who does it represent? Alternatively find some old photographs and tell me about one of them.

lg-chocolate-cherry1My candy apple red cherry LG Chocalate. I know it’s an obsolete phone now. I haven’t used it since 2006, but it was the my first cell phone purchased by choice and not by price. I loved sliding it up and down when I was bored but more importantly it carried me through some pretty pivotal years. I loaded my favorite songs on it and each song Josh Kelley and James Morrison among the artists, brings me back to a time in my life where my future seemed a bit clearer. If I could, I would still use it. I still have it. I almost want to see if I can get it activated again so I can disconnect from all this digital noise and focus on what is really going to keep me moving forward, the people and opportunities in front of me.

I wonder if reactivating this phone would help me detach from the superficial connections in this world and discover myself and the world around me. That would me nice. Too bad I don’t use Verizon anymore.

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