This is Me

This is me. JSyd I’m JSyd. I’m a real person who struggles through life’s challenging times and relishes life’s happy times, has hopes and dreams, has lost, has won, has cried, screamed, laughed and most importantly made mistakes. I have regrets and I have doubts. I’m selfish and selfless; strong and weak either at different times. I have fears and courage; failures and successes. I also have passion and desire. I have relationships, good and bad, some of them have survived, some of them have not. I have family at times that can be crazy, or just seem that way, and at other times be very normal. I’m not special, yet I am-it’s all relative.

I’m sharing my journey with you because of purely selfish reasons. I love to tell a good story and I guess it won’t come as a surprise that it’s easy for me to talk about myself. I don’t mean that in a conceited way, but it a way that makes it easy for people to get to know me. Yet I do hold back the real me, sometimes out of fear and others out of sparing. I’m hoping sharing this journey will provide me with an outlet to see myself more clearly.

Additionally I hope my journey might help others along the way. Maybe you’ll find a common feeling, see a little of yourself, like to know you’re not alone, need an encouraging word or you’re just curious about the lives of others.

I welcome your fearless feedback and sharing stories of your own. Maybe the real me can connect with the real you.

Disclaimer: If you discover anything personal about me like where I work or who I know, none of this is at all an official representation of those companies or persons of interest. All of these words are my own and meant to be represented as an opinion based in honesty and freedom of speech.

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