Love is the Way Home

I’ve finally put this story out there. More than 10 years in the making. I thought a great way to get over a decade long writer’s block was to share the story and ask for feedback.

Head on over to Write On and check out the latest on my book: Love is the Way Home.

Love is the Way Home Book Cover
Everyone has a story to tell. Hers is not an ordinary one. Their story, however, is. They are you and me in every day: the believer, the atheist, the hypocrite, the doubter and the lost. We make choices everyday that reveal who we are to the world. Their choices are the same. Will you love or will you hate? Will you hurt or will you heal? Will you believe or will you deny? Discover your strength of faith through their journey. It’s not an easy one, but it’s worth it.

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