Fake is the latest trend. Be different. Be real.

No apologies for being real

Honestly, for those of you who read this, I apologize. I had this beautiful idea that I could start journaling through a blog. I would share insightful amazing stories about what I’ve learned, relationships, adventures, sorrows, and joys; you know just life. But I’ve been writing superficial entries based on a Journal book I was reading.

I mean I like the idea of Journal prompts and I get where the book is coming from and the idea started from using it as a way to ease into actual writing, but somehow I lost the truth. I apologize for that.

I think it’s time to be real. I mean what am I hiding? Okay I’m hiding a lot of stuff…who isn’t. We all have things we keep to ourselves. It makes us human, relatable, and sane. There is a fear I have from sharing some of it. I mean why is what I go through any more important than what anyone else goes through? Well relatively it’s the most important thing to me, but to you it may be something that just passes as another person pouring their soul out on the internet instead of to real people.

But I need an outlet. This place is as good as any. And if this is the place that can be that outlet and if by some amazing chance someone get’s something valuable from it, then it’s worth it.

It’s called “JSyd’s Journey” for a reason. I’m suppose to be sharing a journey with you. So I’ve created a new bloggers creed.

My Real Bloggers Creed

I am more than I appear to be. I have a desire to share experiences through a blog in the hopes that I may discover “the more” that I am.

My purpose is to learn and grow; to be a better me today than I was yesterday. I want to inspire others by first inspiring myself, and share what I know with others simply and humbly.

The support of my readers frees me to be honest and inspiring and I in turn support them.

We are all one. There is a part of me in each person and them in me. Every person owns a beautiful story; I learn best by listening, not judging. By learning about another, I learn about myself. This is both why I share my journey and why I want to support the journeys of others.

My readers do not belong to me, only my thoughts do. My readers have a right to think, speak and act as they wish. things don’t always work out the way I want. I choose to use the opportunities to grow.

I long to think deeply, speak gently, work hard, give freely, be honest and be kind.

Lastly I will not apologize for being real.

2 thoughts on “No apologies for being real

  1. I’ve only had a quick look through your blog but, in my opinion, this is the best thing you’ve written, although I totally understand the need to ease yourself in. Well said, and good luck with the honest journalling, we’ve all been through experiences that can inspire somebody, dig deep.

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